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HuuTho Company would like to send you our respectful greetings and best wishes! You are the reason for our company’s growth over the years.


Pottery is our heirloom profession, with the growing design trend of being closely bonded to nature, we have years of experience of developing planter collections, ranging from ceramics to cement and polyresin, that are naturally handcrafted as well as intrinsic. These collections will enhance and emphasize the elements of beauty of the designated space, whether it is outside in the garden, within the outdoor patio, or inside any indoor living area.


Before 2013, we focus on producing and researching new products, then our customers are domestic trading companies purchasing and exporting to Europe, America, Australia, East Asia and Middle East. With the current preeminent and high quality products and our products are always received high appreciation from customers.


Since 2013, instead of relying solely on commercial and export business customers in Vietnam, we expand our capacity to be able to export our own         products directly. we have exported to over 20 countries over the world such as US, UAE, Australia, Korea, Japan, Canada, etc. 



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